Tuesday, May 24, 2022

(VIDEO) Fire Devours A Twenty-Story Building In Milan…

A fire has devoured the facade of a 20-story skyscraper in Milan and it has taken several hours to extinguish it without casualties, as it could be evacuated when the first flames started.

The fire in the skyscraper located in via Antonini on the outskirts of Milan, known as ‘Torre del Moro’, and in which 70 families live, burned for several hours and practically the flames have devoured the entire building.

#Milano #incendio grattacielo: fiamme sotto controllo, le nostre squadre stanno avanzando dall’interno verso i piani superiori dell’edificio. Sono 15 i mezzi impiegati, oltre 50 i #vigilidelfuoco. Immagini della ricognizione aerea dall’elicottero. [#29agosto 20:00] pic.twitter.com/dKtm1eznUi

— Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) August 29, 2021

The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, who went to the area, has stated that for the moment it can be excluded that there are no victims among the residents and praised the work of firefighters, whom he has seen “with their hands burned” in the work to extinguish the fire that started at 17.35 hours.

At the scene, in addition to firefighters, also arrived 11 ambulances and several police patrols and had to cordon off the entire area before the fall of material from the facade.

Only 20 people were treated for minor smoke intoxication.

🔴 #Milano, #incendio #grattacielo: le fiamme hanno interessato inizialmente gli ultimi piani dell’edificio di 20 livelli e si sono poi propagate ai livelli inferiori. Operazioni dei #vigilidelfuoco in corso [#29agosto 18:45] pic.twitter.com/rPpRCZ1Ozu

— Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) August 29, 2021

Now firefighters after taming the fire are entering house by house knocking down doors to see if anyone has stayed inside. “We are sure that there was time to get out, but as long as the control is not done we can not be sure,” added the mayor.

“When we arrived there was a small flame that could be seen from a window, we were able to go up and call everyone who was there,” said one of the firefighters, as reported by Corriere della Sera.

🔴#Milano #incendio #TorredeiMoro, raggiunti telefonicamente i residenti nell’edificio: non sono stati segnalati dispersi. Proseguono da procedura le verifiche dei #vigilidelfuoco che stanno procedendo all’estinzione dei focolai ancora attivi nei piani alti [#29agosto 22:00] pic.twitter.com/rMP0pXI6eZ

— Vigili del Fuoco (@emergenzavvf) August 29, 2021

“We were told that the panels covering the building were fireproof, instead they quickly burned like butter,” one of the residents has told the Milanese daily.

The 60-meter high skyscraper, newly built, is clad in prefabricated polystyrene sheets, which are the ones that caught fire and spread from the 15th floor, where the fire started, throughout the building.

For the moment, the causes of the spectacular fire, which has produced a large column of smoke that could be seen throughout the city, are unknown.