Monday, May 23, 2022

BOMBSHELL: Peter Daszak and Wuhan Lab planned to release ‘genetically enhanced’ Coronaviruses into bat caves 18 months before outbreak…

New documents show that just 18 months before the first Covid-19 cases appeared, researchers led by Peter Daszak had submitted plans to release skin-penetrating nanoparticles containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” of bat coronaviruses into cave bats in Yunnan, China.

They also planned to create chimeric viruses, genetically enhanced to infect humans more easily, and requested $14 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA to fund the work.

They were hoping to introduce “human-specific cleavage sites” to bat coronaviruses which would make it easier for the virus to enter human cells.

When Covid-19 was first genetically sequenced, scientists were puzzled about how the virus had evolved such a human-specific adaptation at the cleavage site on the spike protein, which is the reason it is so infectious.

The documents were released by Drastic, the web-based investigations team set up by scientists from across the world to look into the origins of Covid-19.

In a statement, Drastic said: “Given that we find in this proposal a discussion of the planned introduction of human-specific cleavage sites, a review by the wider scientific community of the plausibility of artificial Covid insertion is warranted.”

The proposal included plans to mix high-risk natural coronavirus strains with more infectious varieties.

The bid was submitted by British zoologist Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, who has worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology researching bat coronaviruses. Team members included Dr Shi Zhengli, the WIV researcher dubbed ‘bat woman’ as well as researchers from the University of North Carolina and the United States Geological Survey National Wildlife Centre.

DARPA refused to fund the work, saying: “It is clear that the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk”, and warned that the team had not properly considered the dangers of enhancing the virus, known as gain of function research or releasing a vaccine by air.

Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St Georges, University of London, who struggled to get work published showing that the Wuhan Lab had been carrying out “gain of function” work for years before the pandemic, said the research may have occurred even without the funding. “This is clearly a gain of function, engineering the cleavage site and polishing the new viruses to enhance human cell infectibility in more than one cell line,” he said.

Daszak was also criticized for writing a letter published in The Lancet last year which effectively shut down all global scientific debate into the origins of Covid-19. Viscount Ridley, who has co-authored a book on the origin of Covid-19, and who has frequently called for a further investigation into what caused the pandemic in the House of Lords, said: “For more than a year I tried repeatedly to ask questions of Peter Daszak with no response.”

“Now it turns out he had authored this vital piece of information about virus work in Wuhan but refused to share it with the world. I am furious. So should the world be. “Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance proposed injecting deadly chimeric bat coronaviruses collected by the Wuhan Institute of Virology into humanised and ‘batified’ mice, and much, much more.

A Covid-19 researcher from the World Health Organisation, who wished to remain anonymous, said it was alarming that the grant proposal included plans to enhance the more deadly disease of Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome MERS. “The scary part is they were making infectious chimeric MERS viruses,” the source said.

This was an email Peter Daszak sent to Dr. Fauci:

Source: The Telegraph