Tuesday, May 24, 2022

School District Passes Vaccine Mandate For Students 12 And Up Despite Lack Of Full FDA Approval…

The Oakland Unified School District passed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for students 12 and older Wednesday, despite a lack of full approval from the FDA that it is safe for children.

The measure makes it one of the first districts, with its student population of nearly 50,000, in Northern California to pass such a vaccine requirement and follows a similar decision made by the Los Angeles school district – the second largest in the US – earlier this month.

The Piedmont and Hayward districts also passed similar measures Wednesday.

The resolution, which passed 5-1 with one abstention, did not include enforcement details or indicate a date for the mandate to take effect.

It was met with concern and some outrage, among parents, students and the school board members themselves.

“Why do you want to force the vaccine that is still undergoing vaccine trials,” one speaker asked during the public comment section of the meeting, the East Bay Times reported. “Not you, the CDC or the FDA can make guarantees as to outcomes.”

‘I’m opposed to the vaccine mandate. Parents and students must have the choice whether or not to take a vaccine,’ said another, according to ABC7.

Source: The Daily Mail