Tuesday, May 24, 2022

HILLARY IN TROUBLE: Durham is planning to call former FBI lawyer to testify against her former attorney

Special Counsel John Durham is expected to call the former top lawyer for the FBI in a case involving a former attorney for a law firm that counted the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton as clients.

“Prosecutors working with special counsel John Durham’s team indicated on Tuesday they may call former FBI General Counsel James Baker to testify in the case of former Democrat attorney Michael Sussmann, who was indicted for allegedly lying to the FBI,” The Epoch Times is reporting.

“During a status hearing Tuesday, Durham prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis and his team said they plan to call Baker, who now works for Twitter, to testify as part of the case against Sussmann,” the outlet continued, citing reporting from Fox News and the Washington Examiner.

Sussman pleaded not guilty last month to charges that he lied to a federal agent.

Earlier, U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper ordered government prosecutors and Sussman’s defense attorneys to continue in their discovery process, which is likely to last for several more months.

Source: The Epoch Times