Thursday, May 19, 2022

Kamala is distancing herself from Joe according to latest reports…

Kamala Harris appears to be putting some distance between herself and her boss Joe Biden as the president struggles with record low poll numbers and multiple crises plaguing the country.

When Biden picked Harris to be the first female and woman of color to be vice president he strongly indicated she would be an equal partner in his administration.

In recent months, however, it appears the 2020 rivals-turned-running mates have drifted apart as Harris appears to have taken on lower-profile and less controversial tasks, mostly to promote the president’s agenda.

In the Biden-Harris administration’s first nine months Harris has participated in 486 public and private events.

But the number of open press events she has done with the president has already fallen sharply from 18 in the short month of February to just one each in September and October – marking September 11 and the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s memorial dedication.

A former Harris adviser told the Los Angeles Times said despite their public show of unity that Biden and Harris still remain divided by a lack of trust.

They said the vice president is disgruntled that ‘she hasn’t been given any all-star portfolio’ to work with. The White House disputed the characterization.

Source: The Daily Mail