Thursday, May 19, 2022

Man shots illegal who was pointing gun at him… He is now being investigated for ‘murder’

Tobacconist Sandro Fiorelli has been placed under investigation for murder after he surprised several criminals at his home in the town of Santopadre and fatally shot one of them, who was allegedly armed and pointing his firearm at him.

The man shot, 34-year-old Romanian migrant Mirel Joaca Bine, collapsed to the ground and the other three criminals fled the scene. They soon returned but were scared off when Fiorelli fired several more shots in the air, Il Giornale reports.

“I realised that there was someone upstairs and so I took the shotgun because I was scared… while I was walking around the house a man stood in front of me. He was holding a gun, he pointed it at me and at that point, I shot,” Fiorelli told Italian media.

Some details of the incident remain unclear, including whether the firearm brandished by the home invader was a real firearm or a blank gun. The Romanian’s three accomplices are said to be still on the run as of Tuesday.

Source: Breitbart