Thursday, May 19, 2022

‘Far-right expert’ suggests persecuting those who praise St. Kyle of Kenosha on online communities: “Democrats are too cautious”

ADL collaborator and Slate staff writer Aymann Ismail who is often dubbed as a “far-right expert” posted the other day an article for the daily magazine Slate warning the world about ‘the dangers’ the Rittenhouse trial has, serving as a motive for the “right-wing militia” to motivate their troops into action.

As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial begins, experts are keeping an eye on how right-wing extremist groups are responding to it, motivated by it and using it to recruit others.
More in this @Slate article:

— ADL (@ADL) November 4, 2021

As Ismail said on his article when asked about possible solutions to the threat the MAGA movement represents:

We have seen a melding to a certain extent among this very broad tent of far-right extremists. Christian nationalists, the Patriot movement, QAnon—they’ve all amalgamated together, and Trump has become a religion in and of himself. So how do you get someone to change their religion? Especially if they’re a really fervent believer.

The answer is you don’t. And if you look at some of the research by organizations like Moonshot, one of the things that they suggest is that when you’re talking to a QAnon supporter, don’t try to argue with them, because they’re only going to dig in further. And I think that’s much the same with a lot of extreme Trump supporters, especially when it reaches that almost theological level where they look at him as a god.

So you don’t engage with some of the most extremist narratives. But when you have these folks in Congress, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, it’s like, well, what do you do? How long can you ignore them before it’s like, “Well, maybe we should be doing something”?

Also at the Capitol riot:

— Aymann Ismail (@aymanndotcom) September 8, 2021

As everybody can see in the tweet above, Ismail considers the Flag of Israel to be racist by itself and falsely suggests that the January 6 Protests were also littered with anti-semitic and neo-nazi Trump supporters, people he usually refers to as “thugs”. This is interesting, given the fact that President Donald Trump has always supported the People of Israel, both during his campaign and his time in office.

Then the author proceeds to give a hint of a possible solution to getting rid of these “fervent believers”:

I think the Republicans, frankly, are far better at messaging than the Democrats. And they’re willing to play outside the lines and the Democrats are just a bit too cautious. And I think if they remain too cautious, they’re going to end up regretting it.

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