Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ADL wrote letter begging Fox News to stop Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Documentary before it aired… but to no avail

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt pleaded with Fox News to stop the release of Tucker Carlson’s upcoming Patriot Purge documentary and hide it from public view.

In a letter written to Fox Corporation Executive Chairman and CEO Lachlan Murdoch, Greenblatt called Patriot Purge “dangerous misinformation,” and desperately pleaded with Murdoch to “reconsider airing” the program because it had the potential to make people angry with our public officials and elected leaders.

In the letter, Greenblatt highlighted that the ADL was extremely worried about Carlson deviating from the current narrative being pushed by the federal government, establishment politicians, and corporate media outlets.

The documentary exposed undercover federal involvement in the escalation of the January 6 protests, something that federal officials, aside from a select few elected officials, have been severely reluctant to discuss despite growing evidence indicating otherwise.

November 1 pic.twitter.com/5yCRlkZlzM

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 28, 2021

“Let’s call this what it is: an abject, indisputable lie and a blatant attempt to rewrite history,” Greenblatt wrote, adding that the organization remains “deeply concerned that the false narrative and wild conspiracy theories presented by Carlson will sow further division and has the potential to animate violence.”

I wrote to @FOXNews that this “documentary” is nothing short of absurd and it will continue to fan the flames of extremists and conspiracy theorists. This is dangerous, and it’s no surprise that Tucker Carlson is leading the charge bringing fringe ideas to the masses. pic.twitter.com/aSIpHuxz43

— Jonathan Greenblatt (@JGreenblattADL) October 29, 2021

Greenblatt added that “Carlson has the right to make outrageous claims – but freedom of speech is not freedom of reach,” however it is unclear how honest, groundbreaking journalism violates the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Source: National File