Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Catholic University to host fundraiser for Planned Parenthood…

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) will host a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on Friday, November 5. The Catholic university, located in Los Angeles and sponsored by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), the Marymount Sisters (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary), and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, states on its website the school and its religious leaders “share a common dedication to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and social justice as hallmarks of a contemporary Catholic university.”

Breitbart News reached out to LMU for comment on the Planned Parenthood fundraiser and received a statement from the university that said, “The fundraiser being hosted by Women in Politics is not a university-sponsored event. However, the existence of these student organizations and their activities are living examples that LMU embraces its mission, commitments, and the complexities of free and honest discourse.”

Breitbart News asked LMU if the school is at odds with Pope Francis who has asserted, “Abortion is murder.” LMU responded:

LMU remains committed to its Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount heritage, values, and intellectual traditions, taking its fundamental inspiration from the founding orders that enliven its threefold mission. The freedom of expression, inquiry, and speech enables an integration of knowledge in which “faith and reason bear witness to the unity of all truth.” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 1990, #17) LMU’s core principles, reflected in its decisions, are consistent with Pope Francis’ guidance that “Catholic academic institutions cannot isolate themselves from the world—they must know how to enter bravely into the current culture and open dialogue, conscious of the gift they can offer to everyone.” (Plenary Session of the Congregation for Catholic Education, February 2014)

As a foundation for co-curricular learning, the university encourages students to establish and participate in student organizations, which enrich our educational environment and foster dialogue that often invites varying or opposing viewpoints. The university registers approximately 200 independently-operating student organizations that host activities, communicate with community members, or engage in advocacy. The events, actions, or positions of student organizations, including Women in Politics, are not endorsed by the university.

A column in September in the school’s student newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan, written by “social justice intern” Anish Mohanty, featured members of the LMU Women in Politics organization. They condemned the Texas Heartbeat Act, stating the law “jeopardizes reproductive rights.”

LMU Women in Politics President Claire Davis, a junior political science and journalism double major, said her experience of watching the enactment of the Texas ban on abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected is “like watching a plane crash.”

“A plane that also has a part of your body in it,” she added. “It is terrifying and it feels like there is nothing you can do.”

“I feel disheartened by these new laws,” LMU Women in Politics Executive Director for Events Caroline Baker said. “I don’t believe that the government has any right to infringe on my personal health decisions and for laws like this to continuously be passed at the state level is concerning.

“The new Texas laws about abortion are even more disconcerting because they take things one step further and [incentivize] regular citizens to take action against [people] in need of abortions,” she added, referring to the Texas Heartbeat Act’s unique enforcement mechanism whereby any private citizen may file a civil lawsuit against an abortion provider or any other individual who “aids or abets” a “criminal abortion.”

“This puts already vulnerable [people] in even more compromising positions as it allows the government to further target them as criminals,” Baker reportedly said.

Source: Breitbart