Sunday, May 29, 2022

‘Gasland’ Director Josh Fox triggered by Kyle Rittenhouse memes: “He murdered MY BROTHERS”

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Josh Fox on Friday begged Twitter users to stop showing Kyle Rittenhouse’s face because, in his opinion, the Illinois teenager “murdered my brothers.”

Fox, who is the director of the anti-fracking documentary debunked Gasland and ultimately demoted to a contributor for The Young Turks, immediately saw its content backfire with a wave of pro-Rittenhouse memes in the responses.

The filmmaker insisted he “needed” everyone to start posting “warnings” in messages containing images of the teenager who is on trial in Wisconsin. Fox is so triggered by Rittenhouse’s footage that he demands that other Twitter users stop posting them.

“I need you all to start posting warnings on any post with Kyle Rittenhouse’s face on it,” he wrote. “The man murdered my brothers. I don’t want to see his face. Stop posting his face.

I need you all to start posting warnings on any post with Kyle Rittenhouse’s face on it.

The man murdered my brothers. I don’t wanna see his face. Stop posting his face.

— Josh Fox #BanFrackingNow (@joshfoxfilm) November 12, 2021

Fox’s call for fewer photos of Rittenhouse backfired dramatically. As of this writing, it has been largely “ratio” – a term for when a Twitter post has far more responses than likes, indicating a powerful backlash – with over 1,000 responses (direct responses and retweets from quotes) and only 37 likes.

His detractors posted endless memes of Rittenhouse’s likeness with smug, heroic, or happy airs. A common response is a gif of Rittenhouse straightening his tie during the trial.

Others attacked the propagandist for his comment on the ‘brothers’, pointing out that Joseph Rosenbaum, one of the men Rittenhouse killed, was accused of sexually assaulting five prepubescent children before pleading to fewer charges .

The day before this humiliation, Fox said that Rittenhouse “killed innocent people”, that he was guilty of “terrorism” and that “America is on trial with him”.

Remember this:#KyleRittenhouseIsGuilty

And he’s just like all the other murderous motherfuckers who founded this country.

He killed innocents.
He claimed to be fighting for America.

But what he was really doing was terrorism.

America is on trial with him. #guilty

— Josh Fox #BanFrackingNow (@joshfoxfilm) November 11, 2021

Rittenhouse was arrested for shooting three men – two fatally – during a 2020 Black Lives Matter riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His murder trial heads to oral argument this week. An important moment in the testimony came when Gaige Grosskreutz, the man Rittenhouse only injured, admitted during cross-examination that he had not been targeted until he had pointed a gun at the teenager and walk towards him.

Source: Good Word News