Friday, May 20, 2022

WATCH: Unvaccinated Aussies figured out a hack to get around the Covid check-in app

Queensland authorities have issued a stern warning to the unvaccinated who attempt to cheat the system when the state’s vaccine mandate comes into play.

The warning comes after a loophole was exposed in the state’s Covid check-in app that allows the unvaccinated to fraudulently claim they have received the jabs.

Because of the design of the app, users are able to upload someone else’s vaccine certificate to their own check-in app.

In principle, this would mean an unvaccinated person could upload a friend or family member’s vaccination certificate in order to enter venues that will be restricted come December 17.

To do so, the vaccinated person would need to log in to their Medicare or MyGov account on the unvaccinated person’s phone.

The feature, which authorities fear will be taken advantage of in the lead up to the vaccine mandate, enables someone to add dependants and family members to your app by linking their MyGov account.

Queensland’s Health Minister said authorities were preparing for unvaccinated people to try and cheat the system in order to attend bars, restaurants, sporting games and hospitals which will become restricted next month.

“It’s human nature and some people just don’t want to comply, and we’ve seen that throughout the pandemic,” Yvette D’Ath said.

A Department of Health spokesperson said anyone attempting to exploit the loophole would be committing a criminal offence.

“Deliberately and fraudulently sharing or using a certificate that is not your own – be it paper, electric or otherwise – would be considered a criminal offence,” the statement said.


Source: The West Australian