Sunday, May 29, 2022

Aberration and cynicism

A few years ago I tried to publish an article in the U.S. press, after several failed attempts I determined that I was the problem, so I asked a friend to write it in “gringo.” After that, we sent it to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, which responded with the article formatted but with one page less, including the part where the critical argument was founded. When I complained to the newspaper they told me: “That’s how it goes if you want, if not you should look for another newspaper”. Interesting, but Excélsior did the same thing to me. In other words, both countries (the U.S. and Mexico) shake hands on freedom of speech.

Joe Biden has just organized his pro-democracy summit and they concluded on two central issues: the fight against the lack of electoral freedom and against corruption. BRAVO! Where will they start?

They say that cleaning up must start at home but the United States likes to claim in others what it does not do domestically. Let’s look at some examples:

It is a common practice in the United States to alter electoral districts to exclude the vote, this alteration in favor of one party is known as gerrymandering and it eventually leads to the exclusion of minority groups (non-white) that “attempt” against the Anglo-Saxon Evangelist order. We have been making efforts to suppress the vote for many years and only in the last year 19 states passed 33 laws to suppress the vote, and this country does not have a history of high turnout on elections. In fact, abstention in local elections reaches 80%.

The United States is the champion of freedom and has been blockading Cuba for decades because that country lacks it, however, try to form a union, demonstrate without a permit to see the aggression of “law enforcement”, or beware of committing a traffic violation because you may find death at the hands of a policeman, more likely if you are African-American.

In this field let’s remember the long history of invasions and occupations, the promotion of coups d’état, they still have an area of Cuba (Guantanamo) totally occupied and where they have a prison where they torture people for years and without any formal accusation of any kind (the American rule of law at its best).

Let’s put the right to life in the spotlight and we will see governors who promote non-vaccination measures or prohibit the use of masks that help prevent pandemics, but of course, nothing happens to them when the death toll rises in their states or when people sink into debt because there is no universal health insurance and they leave one in the voracious hands of hospitals or pharmaceuticals. It is inexplicable that a medicine from the same laboratory costs ten times more in the United States than in Mexico, unless it is the impunity to exploit the health of Americans. Of course, these governors are furiously opposed to abortion.

A government agent who clandestinely penetrates a criminal cartel is murdered and the United States makes the persecution of murderers a state matter; any murderer must be punished, but with what moral stature does a country that has allied itself with the worst political actors act, they still have to explain their protection of Nazis to help them fight communism.

The Biden administration censures the Salvadoran Bukele for allying with gangs, while they ally with mafias (Cosa Nostra, Mexican cartels, Russian mafia) to conduct secret operations that violate the law and justify their political pretensions.

The United States has criminalized work, love, denies protection to the victims of its policies in the world, the new episode is the Stay in Mexico for those who request political refuge, and let’s not forget the separation of families and caging of children.

In the U.S. traditional system, all those different from white supremacism are criminals, they are sick, so do not be surprised by the hatred throughout the country.

The Americans announce their crusade against corruption in the world but do little about the plunder committed in war zones (robberies in Afghanistan, Pakistan by friends and associates of the president), or tolerate the purchase of senators, congressmen, and even doctors.

They are champions of inequality, 10% of the population treasures more than 50% of the population, and with a minimum tax on the .01% of the richest they believe they would solve the problem of misery in the world. Homeless people living in the streets seem to be a problem of urban beauty and it is democratically justified to hide them so that they do not disturb the view.

If one adds the elements of the American reality one will find how far they are from the democracy they demand and how little moral authority they have to lecture the world, but they have a great deal of cynicism.