Tuesday, May 24, 2022

EPIC VIDEO – Democrat Socialist Group at ASU’s Anti-Kyle Rittenhouse Protest gets drowned out by protesters chanting ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’

The Democrat socialists of America have done all they can to keep Kyle Rittenhouse from attending ASU this semester after it was leaked that he was taking the courses DIGITALLY.

These morons apparently didn’t understand that Kyle would not be attending the school itself and would be doing online courses instead, but that didn’t stop them from protesting to keep him off the school grounds.

During their ‘protest’ where all 10 people showed up, they were completely drowned out by Pro-Rittenhouse protesters who understands that the courts did their job and Kyle was deemed innocent.

Apparently leftists you lose the case in public and it doesn’t matter what the result of the real court case is. To these loons your guilty even if you’re proven to be innocent, as long as the media says so.


ARIZONA: ASU socialists get drowned out by conservative counter protesters chanting “LET’S GO BRANDON!” at an ASU socialist organized gathering to protest Kyle Rittenhouse attending online classes at the university even though he is no longer enrolled at the school pic.twitter.com/aV4MGXkm12

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) December 2, 2021