Friday, May 20, 2022

Finnish man blows up his Tesla after finding out he needed to pay $23,900 for a new battery!

The cost of a new Tesla Model S is about $95,000, but the experience of blowing one up is priceless.

Finnish man Tuomas Katainen bought his Tesla in 2013, and it rode like a dream — for about the first 930 miles. “It was an excellent car,” he said. “Then the error codes hit.”

After a month in the shop, mechanics said he’d need the “whole battery cell” replaced, at a price of 20,000 euros, or about $23,900.

“So I told them I’m coming to pick up the Tesla,” he said in a video, produced by Finnish YouTuber Pommijätkät. “Now I’m going to explode the whole car away.”

More than 2.8 million have watched the eight-and-a-half-minute episode of the reality stunt web show, which received a call from Katainen for help blowing up his out-of-warranty Tesla.

Crews set up the explosion at a former quarry in snowy Jaala, in southern Finland, where they flanked about 66 pounds (33 kilograms) of dynamite to the self-driving sedan.