Friday, May 20, 2022

Joe Biden starts yelling at students during speech for no reason [VIDEO]

Last Friday, President Joe Biden started randomly yelling at graduates at the South Carolina State University while giving his speech.


President Joe Biden pledged Friday to fight for stalled voting rights and police reform legislation, addressing graduates of South Carolina State University amid the harsh reality that months of talks with lawmakers have failed to move the measures closer to becoming law.

Biden spoke at the historically Black school a day after conceding that his nearly $2 trillion social and environmental bill was unlikely to become law this year, as he had hoped, due to continued disagreement among fellow Democrats. Republicans unanimously oppose the spending.

Wearing a black gown as he delivered the December commencement address, the president bemoaned GOP opposition keeping voting rights bills from advancing in the 50-50 Senate following passage by the Democratic-controlled House. He blamed “that other team, which used to be called the Republican Party,” for refusing to even allow the bills to be debated.

What the president didn’t explain is that the so-called “voting rights bill” is just another pretext for democrats to push for questionable measures that would surely lead to massive voter fraud across the country.

Biden’s vow to keep pushing to protect what he called “the sacred right to vote” as the NAACP and similar groups have grown frustrated with the White House over the lack of progress on the issue. Voting rights is a priority for Democrats heading into next year’s midterm elections after Republican-controlled legislatures passed a wave of restrictive new voting laws.

“But this battle’s not over,” Biden said. “We’re going to keep up the fight until we get it done.”