Friday, May 20, 2022

Man opens fire on police; gets shot to death…

In an exclusive video obtained by 3News, for the first time we see and hear exactly what happened last Sunday when a suspect opened fire on Cleveland police, then was fatally shot. 

The incident occurred at around 3:30 p.m. not far from FirstEnergy Stadium, where the Browns were playing the Ravens.  

The suspect, 39-year-old Patrick Horton, was “randomly shooting” his own weapon near the intersection of East 12th Street and Superior Avenue when two officers arrived and told him to drop the gun. He apparently put it down only to pick it back up, causing the cops to open fire.

In the video, police take down the suspect waving a gun in 18 seconds.

To the left, we see two pedestrians walking towards the Oswald Center and away from Horton. At the bottom right, a Cleveland Division of Police cruiser slowly closes in.

You can audibly hear as police tell the suspect to drop his weapon, shouting, “Drop it. Put it down, put it down now.” Horton seems to comply as we see and hear the gun drop. 


But then Horton than goes back for the gun as police on the right move in. One officer has his sidearm out. Cleveland Division of Police officers carry Glocks typically with 17 rounds and defensive rounds.

Police continue to yell put it down. Horton takes a firing stance. Police say Horton fired first. Then, multiple rounds of gunfire from Cleveland police officers. 

The aftermath was Horton’s shoes on the ground along with over 80 pieces of evidence. Investigators say Horton was seen walking up and down Superior Avenue waving and firing his gun. Sources tell 3News that days before the shooting, Cleveland police arrested Horton for carrying a gun and he was admitted to a local hospital for mental issues. 

It’s unclear when he was released, but Horton was stopped here by police and they say he was moments away from 68,000 Browns fans fanning the streets of Cleveland.