Tuesday, May 24, 2022

SICK: Elderly Priest is bundled away like a ragdoll by police after calling the Pope ‘heretic’

The Orthodox priest shouted, “Pope, you are a heretic!”, three times before Greek security forces quickly slammed him like a ragdoll and took him away Saturday.

Several people in the catholic church have also criticized the pope for his radically left wing ideology and pro-Communist, Pro-Muslim stance. Including his newly found love for the creation of a one-world religion based out of the Middle Eastern Muslim nation, the United Arab Emirates, which currently bans Christianity.

The new one world religion that is backed by the Pope would allow Muslims to practice their religion freely, while Christians would be subjected to numerous limitations and even have some of their beliefs completely removed from their teachings in order to bring about a new type of religion controlled by a handful of people.


NEW – Greek Orthodox priest shouted “Pope, you are a heretic” as Francis was entering the Archbishopric in Athens.pic.twitter.com/0KGF1TXuf6

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) December 4, 2021

Pope Francis ended his visit to Greece on Monday by encouraging its young people to follow their dreams and not be tempted by the consumerist “sirens” of today that promise easy pleasures.

He echoed a common theme he has raised with young people, encouraging them to stay fast in their faith, even amid doubts, and resist the temptation to pursue materialist goals. He cited Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey” and the temptation posed by the sirens who “by their songs enchanted sailors and made them crash against the rocks.”

Two immigrant students were among those who greeted the pope, including an 18-year-old Syrian refugee, Aboud Gabro, who told the pope of his family’s escape from Aleppo in 2014 after a bomb exploded on their home. They finally arrived in Greece after a perilous boat crossing from Turkey.

“It was hard being on a rock without water or food, waiting for dawn and and a coast guard ship to come save us,” Gabro said.

Francis listened to his story, “a true modern-day odyssey,” and expressed gratitude that he and his family had made it safely after “so many refusals and a thousand difficulties, you landed in this country.” But he suggested it also showed a sense of adventure and people following their dreams.

Source: ABC News