Friday, May 20, 2022

VIDEO: Crazy ‘Karen’ punches elderly man for not wearing a mask!

A woman aboard a Delta Airlines Tampa-Atlanta flight has become the accidental “star” in a viral video shared on social media, in which she is seen smacking and even spitting at another passenger for not wearing a mask.

The woman, who according to sources is named Patricia Cornwall, lashed out at the man for allegedly not wearing a mask while eating and drinking. “MASK UP, MASK UP,” the woman yelled at the man.

That, at least, is what she exclaims in the video, which shows Cornwall getting up on top of him and finally smacking him in the face.

After the poor man, who was overwhelmed by what he was going through, did not follow her demands and despite explaining to her repeatedly that he did not have to wear a mask while eating, she continued to intimidate him and even spat in his face shortly before being pushed away by crew members and some passengers.


Following the incident, Atlanta police were called to the arrival airport, where they were patiently waiting for the grumpy “Karen.”

Once the plane landed, they proceeded to arrest the young woman, who was taken to the nearest APD station. There, the police transferred the case to the FBI, as several states were involved in the case.

As of today, we know no further details about this case. The charges against her are completely unknown, but what is clear is that her senseless outburst is going to cost her dearly.