Tuesday, May 24, 2022

WATCH — Brainwashed group of socialists call James O’Keefe an “insurrectionist”, “conspirator”… They can’t explain why…

In yet another example of liberalism being an ideology based on lies, watch as a group protesting outside of a Republican event are questioned by Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe about why they dislike him and the group.

One man calls O’Keefe an insurrectionist, a criminal, and conspirator before he suddenly goes silent when questioned as to why, meaning he doesn’t actually know why, he’s just parroting exactly what he heard on the same mainstream media Project Veritas has exposed in their own words for over a decade now.

Another woman doesn’t go as far as to call him an insurrectionist, however, she does think he and his company are untrustworthy, ironically citing NY Times and Washington Post, which have both been exposed by O’Keefe for their corruption and involvement with coverups and collusion with the Democrat party.


Source: Vidmax