Friday, May 20, 2022

WATCH: McDonald’s employee pulls gun on customer for not wearing a mask

DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County police are investigating claims of a woman who said an employee at McDonald’s pulled a gun on her. She said it all started from what she believes is a misunderstanding over a mask. The incident was captured in video and showed the chaotic scene inside the store.

“I could have been shot over not having a mask,” Crista Burton said.

Crista Burton was on her way back to Athens (Georgia) when she said she stopped at the restaurant on Flat Shoals Road in Decatur.

She said there was a simple misunderstanding over a mask which escalated.

“I asked if they had any mask available. I guess they thought I heard their conversation, but I didn’t. They started yelling ‘didn’t I tell you that we didn’t have any mask available’ and I’m like ‘whoa why are you yelling’, Burton said.

Burton claims the employee smacked her phone from her hands.

“I ran over to get my phone and when I got back up and turned around she pulled out a gun. She had a black bag and pulled out the gun. She threw the black bag back over the counter, and she proceeded to square up with me like she wanted to fight and was waving the gun,” Burton said.

“I’m not a threat to you. I don’t have any weapons. I didn’t jump behind the counter and threaten to fight you at all. That was really a shocker,” Burton said.

DeKalb County police came to the scene and confirm they are investigating. Crista said she’s grateful because things could have ended worse.

“People they don’t want to talk about anything. They just want to pull out a gun and shoot you I guess,” Burton said. Inquires into McDonald’s corporate office have yet to be returned.


Source: Fox 5 Atlanta