Thursday, May 19, 2022

WATCH – Paid protesters march through Melbourne with pre-made signs labeling unvaxxed ‘nazis’, ‘fascists’

Another day, another staged and paid-for protest by pro-vax Nazis in Australia. Ironically, they think that everyone else is the Nazis and fascists, while at the same time supporting rules and laws that the Nazi’s themselves used in order to take over the country and massive parts of Europe during WWII. I.E. the dehumanization of any and everyone that doesn’t fall in line and comply.

The signs go from dumb to dumber when you see some proclaiming ‘no hate’ while standing beside people screaming for the imprisonment of people who refuse the jab.


Anti-lockdown protesters camped out the front of Government House in Melbourne earlier this week in a relentless bid to speak with the governor about Victoria’s controversial pandemic legislation.

The state’s upper house finally pushed through the pandemic bill on Thursday after weeks of debate and protests.