Tuesday, May 24, 2022

WATCH: Parents make their son hold ‘I am a bully’ sign on busy road!

It was like a modern-day scarlet lettering.

Florida parents have split the always-vocal critics of social media after making their son stand by the road while holding a sign identifying him as a “bully.”

A clip of the seeming medieval-inspired punishment currently boasts 4.9 million views and more than 1 million responses on TikTok.

The now-viral video — first posted last week by TikTok user @usert0c8co0flo — shows a young boy standing by the side of a busy road while holding a sign that reads “I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies.”

Meanwhile, a man and a woman — presumably the boy’s parents — can be seen sitting nonchalantly in lounge chairs, seemingly supervising the child’s public shaming.

In the background, the aghast videographers can be heard ripping the heavy-handed punishment with cries of “boo parents” and “that’s so foul.”