Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Woman armed w/ pickaxe robs store in L.A. “I’m not f***ing around!”

Shocking video captured a woman strolling casually into a Rite Aid in Los Angeles wielding a pickaxe and stealing merchandise while spewing a stream of obscenities.

The woman, dressed all in black, was seen walking in the Venice Beach store on Lincoln Boulevard about 3 p.m. on Wednesday with the garden tool slung over her right shoulder and pulling a shopping cart behind her.

Stunned customers watched as she helped herself to beauty products before she unleashes profanities at an employee who asks her to stop.

One store clerk who engaged with the woman said, “C’mon now, put those back,” as she took products off the shelves.

“I’m not f—- around,” the unidentified woman responded. “I don’t want to smell like s— when I’m knocking these bitches out.”

Some customers laughed as the woman perused the aisles, and the store seemed bizarrely calm despite her presence. 

Storegoers stayed in the check-out line looking puzzled while she walked up to a store clerk. One mother was seen rushing her daughter out the door.

Before heading out, the woman threatened employees, saying: “Don’t say s—! Shut the f— up! Be quiet and follow suit.”

Police told Fox 11 that no one was hurt and that they are still searching for the brazen bandit.

She left the drug store with an unknown amount of goods and has yet to be identified.