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‘Black box’ could record final moments before collapse of civilization…

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Scientists’ warnings about global heating have been ignored for years – prompting fear that the future of humanity is increasingly uncertain.

Global warming is behind many of the problems we face now – such as rising sea levels and plastic pollution.

In order to record this data, Earth is set to get a ‘black box’ that will track climate change and man-made climate disasters – and possibly record civilisations downfall.

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It is similar to the ‘black boxes’ rescue crews recover from the wreckage of planes to discover what happened, and could help a future civilisation avoid the same fate.

According to Interesting Engineering, the black box on the west coast of Tasmania, around 150 miles to the south of Australia, will launch this year.

It is set to ‘outlive us all’ and is visually striking – a 32-foot indestructible steel monolith filled with hard drives that will record all major events about climate change, powered by solar panels.

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