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MUST WATCH – Shoplifter walks right into police (literally)

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This shoplifter is convinced that he will be able to walk out of the store – from which he has just stolen several items of clothing – without paying a penny, with impunity.

However, the moment he walks through the first automatic sliding door, he discovers that it’s not going to be that easy…

Apparently, someone in the store (probably an employee) had previously alerted the police while the shoplifter was busy picking out the products he was going to steal. As he is about to leave with the stolen goods, he sees a patrol car and two officers waiting for him at the entrance.

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His astonishment is such that the first thing he does is hide in a corner, hoping that the police will not enter the store and soon leave the place.

However, his hopes are dashed when one of the policemen activates the sliding door, discovering the thief along with all the goods he was planning to steal, and he is arrested on the spot and taken to the police station.

The events occurred in the city of Salem, Oregon.

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