Friday, May 20, 2022

VIDEO: NEVER throw ice or water into an oil fire… The result can be catastrophic!

You are cooking in your kitchen when you suddenly start smelling like something is ‘burning’. You turn around and realize a pan full of oil is covered with flames. What do you do? You know the best option is to use a fire extinguisher but you have none – Oh wait, water is used to extinguish fires, right?

So you proceed to take a bag of ice and you dump the ice into the oil fire… BOOM! Massive fireball!

If you ever encountered a bath of oil/wax in flames, the worst thing you can do is to pour some water. Why? Because water is not miscible in oil and it’s denser, so water precipitates to the bottom of the pan but as it is extremely hot, it quickly evaporates. The steam pushes the oil out of the pan resulting in a fireball like you see in this video.

The entire kitchen is engulfed in flames… I don’t think the cooks survived, what do you think?