Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Terrifying accident captured on dash cam: car flies through the air, narrowly hits pedestrian, ends up on top of another car…

It’s very likely you’ve never seen something like this before.

A pedestrian calmly crosses a crosswalk after the traffic light turned red. In the left lane (with the camera as a reference point) a speeding car is approaching. The car is going very fast and when it reaches the intersection, it collides with a vehicle coming from its left, resulting in a tragic accident: the truck jumps through the air and ends up on top of another car waiting at the red light.

But the most horrifying thing is the luck of the pedestrian, who is only inches away from being hit by the truck, and therefore, from dying – considering the speed at which the car was going, nothing else could be expected.

Luckily, no dead people were reported.