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WATCH – Elon Musk shows his latest beauty: the “Mechazilla”, a tower designed to catch spacecraft in mid-air

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The new mechanism baptized by Musk as ‘Mechazilla’ – ‘mechanical’ and ‘Godzilla’ – plans to trap rockets and spacecraft in the air with the help of the tower’s mobile arms.

Tesla and SpaceX co-founder and CEO Elon Musk shared via his Twitter account a video showing the mechanism designed to catch shuttles and spacecraft on their return to Earth, which is being built in South Texas, USA.

The new mechanism dubbed by Musk as ‘Mechazilla’ – an apparent combination of ‘mech’ and ‘Godzilla’ – envisions catching rockets and spacecraft in mid-air with the help of the tower’s robotic arms.

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A different mechanism to that currently used by Space X, which uses the sea as a rocket landing pad.

The first launch has been postponed until at least March due to the Federal Aviation Administration’s ongoing evaluation process.

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