Wednesday, May 25, 2022

WATCH: Joe Biden freezes up, loses his train of thought during his first 2022 press conference

If President Joe Biden’s press conference Wednesday was supposed to inspire confidence, it failed — horribly.

Even though he spent most of it clearly calling on reporters from a list of “safe” questioners provided by his staff, he stumbled and bumbled and all too often made no sense at all. Plus, he repeated his bizarre “whisper shout” gimmick to emphasize certain points — when what it actually emphasizes is his age.

During this press briefing, he said very discouraging things like “I forgot I’m president,” “Putin has no choice but to invade Ukraine,” or “Russia might get away with a minor incursion.” In other words, President Biden basically told Americans that there was nothing the U.S. could do to stop Putin’s plans.

This president is by far the weakest president in the history of the United States:

Reporters also asked him about his poor poll numbers, the sky-rocketing inflation in the country, the huge number of people still dying from covid, and the considerable division in the country. He admitted he probably outperformed:

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