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WATCH: Man climbs BBC Broadcasting House to destroy pedophilic statue

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RT –– A sculpture by British artist Eric Gill perched on the facade of the BBC’s Broadcasting House has been attacked by a man with a hammer. Beyond his art, Gill became posthumously infamous for sexually abusing his children and dog.

The man climbed a ladder to access the statue, depicting the Shakespearean characters Prospero and Ariel, on the second floor of the British broadcaster’s headquarters on Wednesday. While a growing audience watched from below, he removed a hammer from his bag and chipped pieces off the statue, also writing messages like “time to go was 1989” and “noose all peados” (sic) on the building.

BBC reporter Katie Razzall captured the stunt on video, and questioned whether attacking the sculpture was the right way to respond to Gill’s “well-known” crimes. Police and paramedics were called to the scene around 4:15pm local time and attempted to lure the protester down from the ledge.

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While Gill, a prolific artist, sculptor and typeface designer, was beloved and thoroughly respected as an artist in his day, a 1989 biography written nearly 50 years after his death revealed he had sexually abused his older daughters and even his dog, in addition to having an incestuous affair with at least one of his sisters that apparently lasted most of his life. 

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