Tuesday, May 24, 2022

WATCH: This badass cashier needs no security at all!

Shoplifters in Finland have discovered that an easy smile is no match for professional determination when a steely female cashier reclaimed the goods they attempted to rip off from her shop.

One of the videos shows a security footage of the attempted theft, uploaded to YouTube overnight, shows the petty crook sauntering jauntily down the aisle of a small supermarket with what looks to be a six-pack of beer and a few packets of foodstuffs in hand.

Waiting at the register is the cashier, evidently expecting the fellow to dump the goods on the counter and pay for the presumably inexpensive items in the normal, legal fashion.

But instead, the thief merely shoots the checkout chick a cheeky grin and a friendly nod and continues on his way towards the exit as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

The cashier isn’t having a bar of it, however, and quick as a flash rushes around the counter and accosts the fellow near the vestibule, where they proceed to tussle.

Not only does the cashier manage to strip the hapless thief of his ill-gotten goods, he loses his baseball cap in the process, and realizing he’s messed with the wrong minimum wage worker, disentangles himself and beats a lithe retreat for the automatic doors.

On the cusp of escape, the thief pauses as if he’s about to ask whether he can retrieve his hat, then thinks the better of it, and with a nonchalant shrug skips off into the night.