Sunday, May 29, 2022

At least 20 people killed in a matter of hours after taking opioid-laced cocaine in Buenos Aires, Argentina

RT – More than 20 people are understood to have died and a further 74 hospitalized on Wednesday evening after taking what is believed to have been tainted cocaine in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. 

In an update early on Thursday morning, the province’s health ministry confirmed the number of victims, adding that 18 of those in the hospital were requiring mechanical respiration. 

Authorities in the Argentine capital said that the drugs were sold in “Puerta 8” – a poor neighborhood in the northern Buenos Aires suburb of San Martin – but that experts were still analyzing the substance to determine whether it caused the deaths. Another theory is that the cocaine was “cut” with another illegal drug. 

A dozen people had been arrested in connection with the deaths, the police said. 

Officials have suggested that the drugs had been spiked intentionally as part of an ongoing feud between gangs.

UPDATE: Local police suspect that the drug might be laced with an opioid derivative (possibly fentanyl.)