Sunday, May 29, 2022

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 3 high school students beat up classmate in bathroom…

A violent and embarrassing incident occurred last week at a high school in Westchester County, New York State.

A group of students brutally beat up a fellow student in the high school bathroom, while recording it on video.

The video eventually hit social media, the moment when the school board, as well as the police, opened up an investigation to identify and punish the culprits.

In the video, a student can be seen on the floor of what seems to be a bathroom, while receiving multiple punches and kicks by 3 classmates, in addition to the one recording the whole scene.

White Plains Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca has watched the video with sadness: “Your stomach churns, your fists clench. You’re immediately feeling sad and at the same time angry. You understand that these are children in the video but you also recognize how this is a dangerous situation.”


According to NBC New York, the victim knew his assailants perfectly well, they were colleagues from the same high school.

The four students, all minors, have already been reprimanded and expelled from the school for now, pending disciplinary action.

The victim has not suffered any serious injuries and he is now in good physical condition… however, this could have perfectly been a traumatizing, life-changing event for him.

This is why police are trying to educate high school students of the dangerous consequences this type of behavior can imply, both for the victim and for the assailants:

“The consequences that are associated with (the attack) are severe and potentially life-changing, or at least the trajectory of your schooling,” Dr. Ricca said.