Friday, May 20, 2022

Degenerate statue of a breastfeeding man divides Denmark…

A statue of a breastfeeding man inaugurated in the foyer of the Gender Museum in the Danish city of Aarhus has stirred debate among the Danish public.

The 3.5-meter high statue shows a naked man with long hair and a beard. In addition to the classic physical male characteristics such as broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a penis, the sculpture is also equipped with female breasts.

Named “Agape”, the Greek word for the highest form of love (as opposed to “eros”, or erotic love, and “philia”, or brotherly love), the statue was designed using 3D scans of the artist’s own body and that of his girlfriend.

The goal of the statue, according to artist Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard, is to “question what the man should be and be able to do”.

According to Kreilgaard, the sculpture hadn’t been made with provocation in mind. However, he welcomes the ensuing conversation. Read more »