Monday, May 23, 2022

Disobedient student accuses ‘Hitler-looking’ cop of excessive force in West Lafayette, Indiana

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – Junior student at College of Health and Human Services Adonis Tuggle accuses a Purdue officer of using ‘excessive force’ during his arrest for disobedience.

The arrest was captured on video by Tuggle’s girlfriend and is now circulating on social media. The video shows Officer Jon Selke pinning Tuggle to the snow-covered ground while pressing on his neck and face with his forearm.

“Stop,” Tuggle’s girlfriend said to the officer. “Get off of him! Get off of him!”

The tale of events begins when Purdue police are notified of a heated argument by a couple near campus on the south side. It was Tuggle and his girlfriend, who stopped their car and began arguing which alerted bystanders.

Officer Selke arrived on the scene approximately two minutes after receiving the call and attempted to calm and separate the two to see what had happened.

According to Purdue Police Spokesman Capt. Song Kang “the subject [Tuggle] resisted following the officer’s commands and as a result, was restrained and taken to the ground.”

However, Tuggle tells a different story. According to him, it was Officer Selke who started yelling at him and asking him in an aggressive tone to “get out of the car.”

“I tried to explain to him that nothing was going on,” Tuggle said Wednesday. “I’m not attacking her. This is my girlfriend. We’re having an argument.”

The officer then turned to his girlfriend for her to explain what was going on and before she could mediate a word Officer Selke suddenly interrupted.

“He screamed at her, ‘Shut the fuck up and back up!'” Tuggle said. And that’s when he said he got between the cop and his girlfriend and told him, “There’s no need to be disrespectful.”

While Tuggle says he doesn’t quite remember what happened next, he does remember Selke coming at him yelling “All right buddy, you’re going down,” and then that’s when he threw him against his girlfriend’s truck.

Selke then punched Tuggle in the face and pinned him to the ground, putting pressure on his neck and face using his forearm.

“Please get off me!” screamed Tuggle. When Tuggle’s girlfriend touched the officer, trying to get Selke off Tuggle, Selke said, “Touch me again, and I will tase you.”

Tuggle said after backup arrived, one officer restrained his legs while another grabbed his arms. It was only after the other officers arrived that Selke got off Tuggle.

WATCH: (Warning: Graphic Content)

Upon further questioning, police spokesman Kang Kang said he didn’t have all the details about the conversation between the officers and Tuggle.

“I don’t have the details of the step-by-step conversation, but he just didn’t follow the instruction of, ‘Hey, come over here,'” Kang said. “The subject did not follow the instruction of the officer, so he was getting detained, and he resisted, therefore he was arrested.”

Kang also said he couldn’t comment on the video because he hadn’t seen it. When an Exponent reporter offered to show Kang the video on their phone he said, “I don’t know whether or not that’s going to have value. I don’t want to be biased either way.”

Kang declined to let reporters review body camera footage, saying that a request must be made to the Office of Legal Counsel. Tuggle also did not receive body cam footage when he asked police for it.