Sunday, May 29, 2022

Drunk woman on motorized suitcase chased down by police while trying to board her plane, spits and insults officer

Police in Orlando, Florida, has just released a bodycam video of an incident that took place almost a year ago now, on April 11, 2021. It is a rather curious scene that you don’t see every day.

Chelsea Alson, originally from New Jersey, visits Orlando International Airport to catch a flight home, but she does so in a heavily inebriated state that does not go unnoticed at the check-in.

Airline workers call the police and explain the situation.

Once an officer arrives on the scene, they find Chelsea totally drunk, riding a motorized suitcase and yelling profanities and insults at the flight attendant.

“I’ve been here for hours,” Chelsea said with a considerable slurred speech. “I don’t know what [unintelligible].”

“It’s their policy you just can’t be that intoxicated when you’re flying a plane, ok?” the agent was telling her.

“I’m not that intoxicated,” Chelsea replied.

After this first confrontation, Chelsea got on her motorized suitcase and left the scene, but not before insulting the agent.

“Suck my dk, s*ck my dk!” Chelsea told the agent.

However, the officer couldn’t leave her in that drunken state, so he got on his patrol bike too and followed her to a secured area of the airport.

“Chelsea, can you do me a favor? Can you roll with me to the main terminal? You can’t hang out here it’s a secured area,” the cop told her.

Despite these explanations and the officer’s patience, Chelsea continued to profanely and disrespectfully swear at the officer.

“Chelsea, if this continues, you will be arrested,” warned the officer, who was already losing his patience.

It was at that tense moment when another person was passing by the area, who tried to help the officer resolve the situation. It was then that the woman spat at the two men and tried to leave.


“She’s done, she spat at me,” the officer told the dispatcher. Then, with the help of another officer, Chelsea was apprehended for disobedience and battery of a police officer.

She is due to appear in court next March 1.