Sunday, May 29, 2022

Indian police set fire to 200 tons of confiscated cannabis (VIDEO)

Andhra Pradesh police in India set fire to 2 tons of cannabis, all at once. The value of this amount of cannabis is around Rs 200 crore to Rs 250 crore (approximately 6 million USD), according to the police.

It is learned that during the last couple of years, the police confiscated all these banned drugs by conducting searches in different places throughout many years. Eventually, that huge amount of cannabis was burned together. At the same time, the police have blamed the Naxalites ––left-wing extremist group–– for smuggling this huge amount of cannabis.

Already, the video and pictures of the cannabis burning have gone viral.

Cannabis ‘cheetahs’ were seen arranged in a wide field. After setting it on fire, it is blazing. In all, the cannabis was recovered from 313 different areas of the state.

Despite the fact that cannabis cultivation is illegal, in many cases, the police have come to know that the indigenous farmers are doing this to earn money.