Friday, May 20, 2022

Journalism under siege in Mexico; 2 more journalists killed

Despite the numerous vigils and protests called throughout Mexico in recent weeks following the deaths of two journalists, reporters in Tijuana continue to suffer constant death threats on social media.

The wave of violent crimes against local journalists – two of whom were murdered in cold blood outside their respective homes in Tijuana – highlights the great threat facing the democratic system in Mexico, whose fragility is becoming more apparent with each day passing.

It has also sparked nationwide protests by journalists who feel unprotected and helpless by the state.

“The level of involvement by journalists all across the country this week is really something that I haven’t seen before,” Jan-Albert Hootsen, a representative in Mexico of the Committee to Protect Journalists, told the Fronteras desk on Jan. 27. “And I think it’s a testament to the willingness of journalists to no longer accept what is happening.”

Last January, in addition to the two reporters shot to death in Baja California — Martinez and Lourdes Maldonado Lopez, who was gunned down and killed in Tijuana on January 23 — a local journalist was stabbed to death in Veracruz. Read more ยป