Friday, May 20, 2022

Man beats up woman in broad daylight on Ecuador street… he is caught on video and quickly apprehended (VIDEO)

Guayaquil, Ecuador — The video was published Wednesday morning, February 9, 2022 on the official Twitter account of the mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri.

The footage shows an act of physical aggression by a man against a woman in the middle of a public street.

The city’s video surveillance system recorded how the couple argues in the central parterre of an avenue and then how the man rushes at her, hits her, pushes her, and kicks her on the ground.

The cameras recorded how the subject leaves the place and gets in a public transport unit.

The video surveillance company contacted the National Police to follow the person responsible for the aggression, who was arrested minutes later when uniformed officers stopped the bus and took the aggressor down in handcuffs.

Viteri informed that the man was taken to a police station near the place and that the victim will be able to access the video as evidence in case he needs to advance with the investigations after reporting the incident.

The suspect now faces a possible prison sentence of between 1 and 3 years.

WATCH: (Warning: Graphic Content)