Wednesday, May 25, 2022

MONSTERS: Florida parents locked their 13-year-old adopted son in box inside garage… for the last 5 years!!

Per Fox 13 News:

JUPITER, Fla. – A Florida couple has been charged with aggravated child abuse after they allegedly forced their 13-year-old adopted son to live in an 8’x8’ box located in their garage, officials said.

Jupiter police arrested Tracy and Timothy Ferriter after investigators said the child was forced to live in the structure for five years, since he was first adopted. 

WPTV reports that the teen was able to attend school, but was locked up the rest of the day while at home, police said. Meals were brought to him and a bucket was provided for bathroom use. A mattress was also placed inside. A deadbolt and a light switch were installed on the outside of the box and a camera was installed inside, investigators said.

Detectives said the Ferriters had been physically abusing and locking the boy up since they first adopted him in 2017. Read more »