Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Motorcyclist dies in fatal accident in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

BAJA VERAPAZ, Guatemala – Surveillance cameras in the Guatemalan state of Baja Verapaz captured a traffic accident in which one person died and another was injured.

The accident involved a motorcycle and a pickup truck, whose driver was waiting to cross a road in the Hacienda de la Virgen neighborhood, Salamá.

According to the video, the driver of the vehicle stopped with the turn signal activated, waiting for oncoming motorists to allow him to cross.

After a few seconds, the motorcycle is seen approaching at high speed.

Despite having activated the brakes, as can be seen in the images showing the motorcycle’s red light on, the distance was not enough for the young driver.


The impact was so strong that the person riding on the back of the motorcycle was ejected at the moment of the collision.

Meanwhile, the driver receives the full force of the collision in his face and chest and falls to the ground instantly.

The volunteer firefighters reported that when they arrived they found one of the individuals involved in the accident dead.