Friday, May 20, 2022

Ohio mayor resigns after suggesting that ice fishing leads to prostitution

The mayor of Hudson, a small town in the state of Ohio, Craig Shubert has just resigned after a video of a meeting where he suggested that “ice-fishing” leads to an increase in prostitution was released to the media.

Last week, the controversial mayor suggested during a city council meeting that allowing ice-fishing in a park could lead to prostitution.

“Does someone come back next year and say I want an ice shanty on Hudson Springs Park for X amount of time?” Shubert said during the meeting.

After his comments went viral and were mocked on social media, Shubert issued a statement claiming that “his statements were made out of concern for our community; what could become of unintended consequences of new legislation, based on my prior television news reporting experience.”

Later, he added: “My attempt to inject a bit of dry humor to make a point about this, in the midst of a cold, snowy February, was grossly misunderstood.”

“When I entered the race for mayor in 2019, my objective was to bring about change,” the mayor said in a statement.

Shubert, who is 65, said he planned to retire, especially after the death of his wife in September.

“My role as a change agent is complete,” the mayor said.

But this would not be the only time the mayor has been embroiled in controversy: last fall, Shubert claimed that a high school creative writing class used a book that included pornographic material.

His claims led to the harassment of several school board members, even though there was no evidence to support his theory that pornography books were used in the classes.