Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ottawa Police cuts off fuel supplies for truckers at ‘Freedom Convoy’ State of Emergency declared…

Police in the Canadian capital of Ottawa has proceeded to cut off fuel supplies for truckers from the so-called “Freedom Convoy,” hours after Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing demonstration.

Dozens of armed police officers and firefighters swooped down on one of the parking lots at the Ottawa baseball stadium on Coventry Road shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday, and proceeded to confiscate some 2,300 liters of fuel stored at the site.

Police have stated that the stadium, which is located 5 kilometers from Parliament Hill, has in recent days become an area used by demonstrators to protest discriminatory and restrictive COVID measures imposed by the government.

Police have also announced that several people have been arrested in the city center for providing fuel to protesters. Deputy Chief Steve Bell told a local media outlet that now the next step would be to deal with the protests that are taking place downtown.

“Look at how we limit things moving in and out of the protest area,” Bell said. Read more »