Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Taiwan to change law to prevent ‘economic espionage’ by China

Source: Radio Free Asia

The democratic island of Taiwan on Thursday laid out plans to defend its semiconductor industry from “economic espionage,” boosting penalties for anyone leaking its cutting-edge technologies to China or other hostile countries.

Taiwan currently makes most of the world’s most advanced semiconductor chips, which are needed to build smart gadgets and machinery from cell phones to cars to fighter jets.

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan approved the draft amendments to the country’s national security law on Thursday, which include actions “infringing on the business secrets of the nation’s core and key technologies.

“In order to respond to expectations from all sectors that we protect our high-tech industries and prevent the outflow of important and key technologies, it is necessary to establish a stricter and more complete national security defense using the law-enforcement system,” Executive Yuan spokesman Lo Ping-cheng told reporters.” Keep reading ยป