Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Twisted man stabs and kills employee at a printing shop…

Ibirubá, BRAZIL – A deranged man stabbed and killed an employee of a print shop this Monday morning in the city of Ibirubá, in the northwest region of the state.

The unburdened aggressor, 28 years old, invaded the establishment and attacked the first one he found on the spot. The individual, who had also cut his own wrists, was contained and then arrested by the Military Brigade in the central area.

The victim, identified as André Daniel Rebelato, 47, was rescued and taken to the Annes Dias Hospital, but did not resist due to heavy bleeding from the stabbing. The employee was stabbed for being in the front area of the print shop, located on the corner of Dumoncel Filho and Mérito streets.

The homicide is now being investigated by the Civil Police. In an interview with the region’s press, delegate Diná Rosa Aroldi confirmed that a police investigation has already been set up, with the first witnesses being heard at the police station. “The accused is in Cruz Alta, receiving medical attention there,” she noted.

“The community is shocked. The victim was very well known. We have been investigating since the information about this homicide came to us to understand what really happened…We don’t have why this barbaric crime happened…,” he stated. “We hope to get to the motivation of the crime,” he emphasized.


Among other diligences, the agents are already analyzing the monitoring camera footage from the print shop and the street. “We have images of the whole fact,” he summarized. “He arrived calmly at the print shop. The victim treated him as if he were a customer,” he said. “It was occasional…it was a matter of the moment,” he summarized.

The accused lived alone in an apartment, where a cell phone was seized. The delegate Diná Rosa Aroldi verified that the aggressor apparently had a normal life. The reports of the General Institute of Expertise are being awaited.

The commander of the Military Brigade of Ibirubá, Sergeant Vinicius Klein, told Record TV RS that the accused even tried to hit the others in the print shop before fleeing the scene. The military police officer said that it was necessary to fire two riot control shots to make the accused drop the knife. “He was very upset at the time,” he recalled. “This fact shocks the population,” he pointed out.