Sunday, May 29, 2022

VIDEO – Alleged human trafficker goes full ‘Walking Dead’ during arrest… straight out of a zombie movie

Last Monday, reporter Ali Bradley posted to her Twitter account a video of the arrest of an alleged human smuggler about 45 miles from the Mexican border in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

The video shows the alleged trafficker, handcuffed and looking serious and angry. She was not very happy, and she let it show in front of the Border Patrol agents.

But after the second 25, the woman starts making strange noises, like straight out of a zombie movie, and threatens to attack the agents. The agents ask her to immediately get back in the van and relax, but she doesn’t seem to pay much attention.

At one point, one of the agents warns her that if she doesn’t comply, they will have to use the taser. “we are going to have to tase you; you aren’t going to like that.” The officers tried to get her back into the vehicle so that they could close the van door.

The only “coherent” words that come out of the detainee’s mouth throughout the entire video are when she responds to one of the officers “I don’t understand what you’re telling me,” after telling him about the taser.


In the United States alone, last year there were 1.7 million detentions of illegal immigrants at the southern border, which shows the great humanitarian crisis that the country is going through and the total incompetence of the current Biden administration that seems not to give it the slightest importance.