Wednesday, May 25, 2022

VIDEO: FedEx driver carjacked at gunpoint

Wissinoming, PHILADELPHIA – On the morning of February 10, a FedEx-owned delivery truck was hijacked in the Wissinoming section of the city, according to Philadelphia police.

A FedEx delivery driver was in the back of the vehicle, sorting some packages, when a hooded carjacker entered the van and, at gunpoint, tied up the delivery driver and left him behind.

Once the assailant pinned down the delivery driver, he took control of the steering wheel and took off southbound on Womwrath Street.

The video shows the suspect rubbing the surface of the steering wheel and a sliding door of the van to wipe off any possible fingerprints. He then breaks the security camera in the vehicle.

According to police, the assailant then grabbed several packages and took off.

To this date, the suspect has not been apprehended. That is why the police have released this video in the hope that someone will recognize him and be able to offer information that will lead to his arrest.

The visual identification, however, is going to be quite difficult considering that the thief was wearing a large mask that covered his entire face. The only thing we can say is that he is a young African-American male.