Tuesday, May 24, 2022

WATCH: Assailant posing as American tourist, robs a pharmacy in Brazil

A robber wearing a Chicago Bulls t-shirt, a basketball team from the United States, a straw hat, and a mask robbed a pharmacy on Nereu Ramos Avenue in Itapema on Sunday afternoon. The crime was all filmed by security cameras and the images are already in the possession of the police.

The man entered the Desconto Popular pharmacy as if he were a customer at 4:20 pm. He went straight to the checkout counter and asked for information about a medicine. The clerk showed him the medication and started giving him information.

One minute after being inside the pharmacy, and having looked several times at the door to make sure no one would enter the establishment, he announced the robbery. The bandit showed the gun and ordered the victim to pass all the money from the cash register.


The girl handed over about two thousand reais to the criminal, who took the money and fled down Nereu Ramos Avenue.

The Military Police was called and the images were passed on to help in the search. As of the closing of this article, the robber had not been found.