Monday, May 23, 2022

WATCH: Bus in Russia was blown out by Ukrainian terrorist…

VORONEZH, MK – On August 12, 2021, at 9:11 p.m., an explosion occurred at the Plekhanovskaya public transport stop inside a bus on route 10 A (city of Voronezh.) There were 35 people in the cabin. Two of them died, almost all passengers were severely injured.

Now several sources point to a Ukrainian terrorist organization as the group behind the gruesome attack. A group of people who arrived in Russia from Ukraine could have committed the crime. One of the defendants is a woman who previously trained in Syria and was a member of a banned terrorist organization.

According to the Russian news outlet, four people arrived in Voronezh: two women, a man, and a child. The minor was used as a cover, and the adults were neophytes – people who changed their faith, in particular, converted to Islam. The special services consider one of the women to be the main defendant, who some time ago, being a citizen of Ukraine, was recruited by terrorists and left for the SAR (Syrian Arab Republic), where she underwent special training. Two other like-minded people could be her accomplices. 

According to the principal version, it was this woman who carried and installed a shell-less explosive device on the bus. The bomb was set off by a radio transmitter. After the explosion, all four left the Russian Federation on their foreign passports. Their route lay through the Kursk region towards Ukraine. 

At the same time, sources indicate that the terrorist attack could not have been organized without the support of the Security Service of Ukraine (UBS), and the local special services were warned by the competent authorities about possible activity in the region in advance, and leaders at the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) have some serious questions about this fatal miscalculation.

WATCH VIDEO OF EXPLOSION: (Warning: Graphic Content)