Wednesday, May 25, 2022

WATCH: Vietnamese family is preparing to drink some tea when large explosion knocks them out of their chairs

The clip recorded the scene of a teapot suddenly exploding, causing the family to panic.

Recently, a video popped out on social media showing a whole family sitting around the table drinking some tea when suddenly one of the teapots creates a huge explosion that knocks the entire family out of their chairs in an instant.

During the first seconds of the video, everything appears very normal. The man is preparing some tea, pours hot water into the kettle, and covers it to wait for the tea to infuse. However, just a few minutes later, the teapot suddenly exploded, everyone was startled to get up, tea was scattered all over the floor.

The short clip quickly went viral within the Vietnamese online community. Most people could not understand how a ceramic teapot, that only contains hot water could cause such an explosion.

“Maybe it’s because the teapot is not of good quality, can’t stand the heat or let the steam escape in time. I don’t know if anyone has been injured, but watching the clip is so scary, I also have to double-check my own teapot again,” said one Facebook user.